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Electrical M.D.
馃憠 goo.gl/ieCM97 馃憟

Comment from : Electrical M.D.

Tyrone Deleon
Comment from : Tyrone Deleon

Darrell Patterson
Oct, 1 / 2019
Comment from : Darrell Patterson

D'Angelo Moe
What is it today on August 28
Comment from : D'Angelo Moe

Kyra Smith
Is there a way to actually speed up the movies loading? It is almost impossible for me to watch a movie. They are constantly loading 馃槶
Comment from : Kyra Smith

Jordan Polanco
Hey I鈥檒l pay you if you get me a link for free live tv for the Dominican Republic 馃嚛馃嚧 like actual live shows from there
Comment from : Jordan Polanco

The Arnel Group
What do you recommend for getting rid of buffering? Do I need to buy some home WiFi system or what' is the best solution?
Comment from : The Arnel Group

tommy jernigan
I think today 8/25/2019 @9:12 pm
Comment from : tommy jernigan

jamel jackson
My vpn not connecting
Comment from : jamel jackson

Israel Mendoza
how do you get the ads on the bottom of the screen to disappear?
Comment from : Israel Mendoza

Israel Mendoza
august 12th is my guess of your 1 million viewers!!!!
Comment from : Israel Mendoza

nicole crane
Do we have to use the vpn app cause I don鈥檛 wanna pay nothing
Comment from : nicole crane

For me it never loads to select from the list of download files for the movie I selected. Any suggestions?
Comment from : 4x4rambam

Brandon W
Thank you
Comment from : Brandon W

Jamie Salinas
Subscribed 鉂わ笍
Comment from : Jamie Salinas

CristAl & Alee Mtz
Awesome just subscribed everything worked in new to this fire stick I told my mom to buy it, actually on sale at target and finally I can watch all the movies i want and my baby sister can get all the Moana she wants lol 鉂わ笍
Comment from : CristAl & Alee Mtz

Zappy aj
Beetv not working right now?
Comment from : Zappy aj

Marsha Alcala
Help my file link will not download it just stays on connecting until it times out.
Comment from : Marsha Alcala

Ashley Chase
You're awesome!...i just wanna thank you :)
Comment from : Ashley Chase

David McCallum
There is more useful information in this one video than all of the others I watched. If you own a FireStick and don't watch this video it's like going to Disney and not riding on Space Mountain!
Comment from : David McCallum

Osman Daffay
It says there's a problem with the parsing package
Comment from : Osman Daffay

Dontee Walker
Comment from : Dontee Walker

Dontee Walker
Comment from : Dontee Walker

Dontee Walker
Comment from : Dontee Walker

Dontee Walker
Comment from : Dontee Walker

Dontee Walker
Comment from : Dontee Walker

SunnyDeeLyte 3
Comment from : SunnyDeeLyte 3

Penny Huffman-Christenson
1 Million subscribers on Sept 12 at 3:15pm
Comment from : Penny Huffman-Christenson

David McCallum
Correction!!聽 The link DOES work.聽 I typed it wrong!
Comment from : David McCallum

David McCallum
the getfilelinked.com doesn't seem to work.聽 Also, do you know how to install the Nest camera app?
Comment from : David McCallum

Lloyd Morrison II
Thank you so much for your great instructions!
Comment from : Lloyd Morrison II

Can you download TeaTv for iOS?
Comment from : xXDarkBeastZXx

Connie Rider
Thank you. I think you will reach 1 million by December 31, 2019
Comment from : Connie Rider

Comment from : NONCENTZ100

Comment from : marrbrtrs

Maria Olivarez
For Redbox TV, I tried to open Philippines and says "Can't play this link"... What am I doing wrong? TIA
Comment from : Maria Olivarez

I dont even have a firestick yet but i am really excited to get one. I will be installing all apps using your videos. Awesome videos man :) +1 sub
Comment from : Jonan

Glenda Fuentes
Comment from : Glenda Fuentes

I did it! Was gonna pay someone to do it. Thank you so much!
Comment from : mochaq2k

Sylvia Maynor
This is amazing. Thank you so much! I am a newby so am excited to get started. I estimate 9/2/19 at 6pm
Comment from : Sylvia Maynor

mike sara
For me Live TV or TeaTV free allway the best choice when I want to watch movies, tv shows. and more
Comment from : mike sara

A Prairie Dogs Life
Ok. I was super excited about downloading beetv but it just buffers and buffers and buffers! What am I doing wrong or is it just completely messed up??
Comment from : A Prairie Dogs Life

Tony M
Awesome. 8/18/19 7:42pm EST
Comment from : Tony M

Christopher Cielo
Thank you
Comment from : Christopher Cielo

August 18, 2019 and it works. 馃挴
Comment from : Chichi

Tonya Correll
thank you for making everything so easy!!! you rock
Comment from : Tonya Correll

_-_M I G S _-_
Can I download and use the apps without using IPVanish? thanks!
Comment from : _-_M I G S _-_

Roshuma Florence
August 17, 2019!鉁岎煆
Comment from : Roshuma Florence

Matthew Williams
Any idea what鈥檚 going on? I鈥檝e followed you for sometime now. I have had beetv for a while now but all of the sudden today when I open it up it just has a loading screeen. No movies or tv shows. Nothing. Any idea?
Comment from : Matthew Williams

Jordan Sherman
When i click on the video title to play it just loads and loads and loads never plays the movie. Do you know what i could do?
Comment from : Jordan Sherman

Nordis Seales
Thank u so much
Comment from : Nordis Seales

Narciso Rodriguez
Electrical MD my black panther app is no.longer working. It freezes up on start up and you cant watch any movies. Any suggestions on how to fix it. I have a few friends who also are going through the same thing with the black panther app. Please advise.
Thank you ..my name is Will.

Comment from : Narciso Rodriguez

Kiren Kaur
22nd August 13.12
Comment from : Kiren Kaur

Marty B
Comment from : Marty B

Kool thanks
Comment from : ibmilten

Courtney Saxon
9/1/19 12:00pm
Comment from : Courtney Saxon

Kevin Ramdeen
Thank you so much I subbed and liked 鉂わ笍馃啑馃檶馃従
Comment from : Kevin Ramdeen

Joel Guerrero
Thanks for the vpn
Comment from : Joel Guerrero

Karimah Shepherd
IPVanish is making me pay and won't give me a user name...is that correct? I thought we would be given one?
Comment from : Karimah Shepherd

Tamara West
Hello, I cannot get tv shows to load. Is there something I am needing to do differently then playing movies?
Comment from : Tamara West

Haji hussein
September 29,19
Comment from : Haji hussein

Isai Romero
I need to buy a vpn?
Comment from : Isai Romero

Denise Kay Zapata
8/15/19 4:58pm
Comment from : Denise Kay Zapata

Yoni Enayatian
All of the other apps installed but not the bee TV What do I do
Comment from : Yoni Enayatian

Jovanna Rios
It doesn鈥檛 let me download my player pro
Comment from : Jovanna Rios

Holaa Holaa
Thank you
Comment from : Holaa Holaa

Denice Garza
Luv it. Thanks.
Comment from : Denice Garza

Mardi Fletcher
September 6th 11:51 pm est
Comment from : Mardi Fletcher

Thanks you sm bro 馃憡
Comment from : Linkz

Matthew Blaze
I thought this was all free what鈥檚 with the 50 dollars a year to get the password to make it work?
Comment from : Matthew Blaze

Jessica Moore
August 14 @ 7:52 thumbs up
Comment from : Jessica Moore

Bread Chaser
Mine didn't load at all. All I see is advertisements at the bottom of my screen with the loading bar in the middle of screen
Comment from : Bread Chaser

Congratulations on the baby and 1 million subscribers.
What happened to this app (bee tv) I just updated it and the earlier version seemed to work much better,I can鈥檛 even search for a movie atm,not sure if it鈥檚 a glitch or the app but the previous version was awesome,wish I hadn鈥檛 of updated 馃槓馃槀

Comment from : SIDESLAP1

Krystal Crimmns
Aug 9 2:00 pm
Comment from : Krystal Crimmns

Krystal Crimmns
U have a million 馃槉
Comment from : Krystal Crimmns

Jugando Con Army Boy
So is not free?
Comment from : Jugando Con Army Boy

Rogue L82L
Aug 13, 2019. Works great. Thank you so much!
Comment from : Rogue L82L

Mel SherRi
WTF....none of these are working for me. They all download but won't launch to play movies. I've spent 2 hrs on a 20 mn video 馃槬 trying it on 2 different firesticks
Comment from : Mel SherRi

Victor Segoviano
Whenever I put in your 8 digit code I get an error message saying (502) Bad Gateway :( and my internet is connected correctly.
Comment from : Victor Segoviano

Kristina Ingram
Thank u so much u have help me a lot
Comment from : Kristina Ingram

Joshua Regan
Hey bro love the help you give to us all. I just thought I would let you know that the clean sweep is not working on the 4k firestick
Comment from : Joshua Regan

Matthew Lindsey
Comment from : Matthew Lindsey

Comment from : chanelL_BLACK48 JUSTUS

Caroline Cummings
Great video thank you do you recommend auto play so it searches for a stream on the fire stick thank you I think you will reach your goal August 31,
Comment from : Caroline Cummings

Michael Wright
How do u get a user name and password
Comment from : Michael Wright

Jhon Jhony
i think app not working, not getting any playable links
Comment from : Jhon Jhony

Lin Wheeler
Followed you for over a year...got to give up on xenon it crashes too much and the sports is lacking.
Comment from : Lin Wheeler

Do I have to have ipvanish?
Comment from : reace312

You are really nice, Respect to my man!
Comment from : ZainyBru

Houston Landscape
I followed the instructions step by step by when I click on a tv show or movie all I see is the blue line scrolling across the top of the screen and nothing ever plays. What can I do?
Comment from : Houston Landscape

Dustin Bow
Umm I got everything going but it won鈥檛 load up the google video thing or any it just buffers
Comment from : Dustin Bow

BigBank Hank
Thx u so much... i truly needed this app
Comment from : BigBank Hank

J Antonio G Lechuga
1 Mil 馃憦
Comment from : J Antonio G Lechuga

You are awesome. Thank you for the step by step.
Comment from : blacklily624

Lisa Newman
Great video , you have such a pleasant voice. Thanks for your help! :)
Comment from : Lisa Newman

Albert Thomas
Have you reached 1mil yet? If not September 17 5:40
Comment from : Albert Thomas

Can i use this app for french moovies ?
Comment from : Thad茅e

Chris H
August 10th at 2 P.M.. Good luck. Thanks for the good video.
Comment from : Chris H

Brian Urbay
6 agosto 2019. 馃憤馃徏馃憣馃徏
Comment from : Brian Urbay

Subscribed. Thank you
Comment from : ATTITUDEGYRL

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